TC Tahoe!

“You Make Me laugh!”   Robin Williams
“TC. Too funny, too Amazing”   Denzel Washington
“You my friend, are one of a kind!”   Pierce Broson
“Sleightly Amazing”  L.A. Weekly
“Simply Amazing”   Sean Penn
“TC, you made our Night!”   Josh Brolin
“TC  Knows  how to be Funny”   Steve Allen

Don’t miss a night filled with laughter and top notch MAGIC!
NOVEMBER 16 & 17, 2018
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TC’s performance is a perfect blend of  
Improvisational Stand-up Comedy,
World Class Sleight-of-Hand and compelling Storytelling.
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TC is highly respected by professional magicians around the world
and has been nominated FIVE TIMES for “Lecturer of the Year”
by the Prestigious Academy of Magical Arts, (The Hollywood Magic Castle).
In addition to earning hi regards from his peers,
TC Tahoe has performed for the Hollywood Elite for decades!