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The Back Design
Featuring the original logo design for the theater, the “Tower” is reminiscent of the classic Jerry’s Nugget logo.
The tower has the four suits incorporated within the it as it leads up to the Theater’s Logo.

Unlike many custom decks of cards, the design of the faces of the cards are also custom.

The suits are taken from the design of the “tower” in the theater logo…

Custom Suits

The number cards are unique, bold, simple with custom suits that are easily recognizable

The Aces
The Aces are made just slightly “superior” to the other cards by having larger center pips.

The Ace of Spades
And the Ace of Spades, which is at the base of the tower (holding up the tower and giving it strength!) The red heart intertwined signifies my own personal passion for the theater as well as this deck of cards. (Both are a true dream come true for me!)


The face cards

Since this is a deck for a “magic theater”, it’s only fitting that the face cards all be “magicians!”.
Each one is performing a classic magic trick…


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