Directions and parking

We are located at 2780 Janitell Road, in South Colorado Springs, less than 1/2 mile from  Circle and Interstate 25!

Janitell Rd SPLITS at Circle and can be confusing, do NOT go NORTH on Janitell from I-25!

From I-25 Exit Circle Drive, and go to the intersection of the McDonalds and the Goodwill, turn RIGHT or SOUTH.

Turn into the FIRST parking lot entrance (Goodwill Industries) There is a SMALL MEDIAN, as you turn into the parking lot, take an IMMEDIATE left, (do not continue towards the Goodwill) See picture below!

At this point, you’ll be facing Cosmo’s Magic Theater! You’ll see Giant Magic Posters in the windows, that’s us!  Drive straight through the parking lot and find a spot to park and come on in!
(Click image to enlarge.)