About Cosmo

Cosmo Solano was bitten by the show business bug when he performed for the first time before his Kindergarten class at “show and tell”.  His first paid performance came at the age of 13 when he earned $15.00 to perform at a backyard barbecue.

Cosmo later studied classic stage magic at the prestigious Chavez College of Magic in Los Angeles, but his love for performing “close up magic”, soon overshadowed his desire to be a stage magician and he become one of the busiest private event magicians in Los Angeles.

“I wasn’t trying to become famous, I was trying to make sure I ate! At 19, I had no idea Los Angeles would be so expensive, and I spent a couple of months living in my car, determined to “make it” there. I took every type of magic job I could, I specialized in sleight of hand performances at corporate and private dinner parties, but would take just about any kind of “work” that came my way, kid shows, nursing homes, taught magic at day camps, and even worked in magic shops during the day. 

At 21, he became a member of the world famous Hollywood Magic Castle where he would be mentored by contemporary masters in sleight of hand. Over the next few decades, he would meet and become close friends with many of the very legends he admired as a child.

For over 30 years Cosmo has since performed privately for heads of state, celebrities and leaders in business and industry. After a few years in Las Vegas,  Cosmo returned to Colorado seeking a more family oriented environment and now resides in Colorado Springs, CO.

Cosmo has become internationally known among his peers for inventing unique magic effects used by some of the top performers around the world. His influence and creations can be seen the world over on stages, in private venues and on international television.

Cosmo’s Magic Theater, Colorado Springs, Colorado

In 2015 Cosmo wrote a unique show called “the 10”. created specifically for “intimate” audiences of just ten people. It was a lifelong desire to bring world class close up magic and sleight of hand to an intimate audience, in a theatrical setting.

After a short and successful trial run in various public venues, Cosmo decided to build a intimate 12 seat theater (in a private location), called the Close Up Room. The intention was to open once a month for very special clients and guests. The first night sold out immediately, a second night was added, and the shows became a weekly “by invitation only” event for the next two and a half years! Soon they were also featuring live Jazz Music for these very private, magical gatherings, along with home made brownies and refreshments.

Over 500 5 star reviews!

Presenting full evening theatrical “close up” magic shows was like a dream come true for Cosmo and in the Fall of 2017 he and his wife Carrie decided to open a full size evening theater to the public in Colorado Springs.  Within just months, Cosmo’s Magic Theater shot to the top of the “things to do in Colorado Springs” list on several online review sites such as Tripadvisor, Google and Yelp. (The NUMBER TWO thing to do on Trip Advisor!)

“For many years, I’ve had the desire to one day own my own theater. Opening “The Close Up Room” started as an experiment that I’d hoped would allow me to do my “dream” show featuring very intimate, personal demonstrations of sleight of hand. I hoped I might be able to eventually do one show a month. To my surprise and joy, we immediately were getting requests to do shows almost once a week!  If The Close Up Room was a dream come true, “Cosmo’s Magic Theater” is like a dream within a dream!” -Cosmo Solano