What to expect and more...

*This page serves as part of your terms of agreement as well, PLEASE look it over BEFORE you purchase tickets! thanks!

We are not a bar or restaurant.

We know that some of the search engines and websites classify us as a “nightclub”. Some of them just don’t have a category for us! (We’re one of a VERY SMALL number of “Magic” theaters in the U.S.!

We DO serve complimentary refreshments!

We HIGHLY recommend that you don’t come to the show hungry!  From the time we open the doors to the time you’ll leave the theater is at least two hours! (We open 45 minutes before curtain, and also have an intermission, so expect to spend a full evening with us!)  

(please no outside food or drink!)

All of our shows are "clean" and family friendly...
PLEASE review our age requirements for our shows!
Evenings are meant for adults, Afternoons for young children!

Our evening shows are designed to be an adult’s night out, but that doesn’t mean there’s anything “inappropriate” in the show! We welcome YOUNG TEENS, and HIGHLY recommend that our evening guests are 14 and older! If you have a 10-12 year old that would “appreciate” a more “theatrical” magic performance, rather than one geared towards 6 year olds, PLEASE know that they are welcome! PLEASE REVIEW OUR SHOWS PAGE TO GET MORE DETAILS.

SEATING! (Important info!)

Seating: Evening Shows (Magic For Grown Ups)

We have TWO options, front two rows OR general seating (Rows 3-5)
Recommended ages 14 and older.
Seating is limited! We assign seats based on WHEN people buy tickets, how large the group is and other minor factors, this is so that we don’t end up with EMPTY, SINGLE SEATS scattered throughout the theater.
Your purchase is for your SECTION ONLY. Our promise is that you WILL get front two rows if that’s what you purchase, but WHICH seat OR row is not guaranteed or promised. We MUST be able to make the seats work for everyone! Thanks for your understanding on this!
There’s NOT a bad seat in the house, so don’t worry!

Seating: Family Matinees (Magic For Children!

As the title says, these shows are for the children! Its a highly interactive show, and we seat all of the children in the front two rows. 
PLEASE UNDERSTAND: If your child does NOT wish to sit away from you: They are to sit WITH you in your seats, we CANNOT place adults in the front rows with the children. We also cannot promise you seats sitting DIRECTLY BEHIND your child/children! We have limited seating, so if your child would like to have a front row seat, they MUST be okay with sitting without you! (thanks SO MUCH for your understanding on this!)
FRONT ROWS ARE AN OPTION that we offer the CHILDREN. We do NOT promise front row, second row or ANY specific row or seat to anyone! However, on rare occasion, we might have a larger group ask to sit together, and we’ll do our best to accommodate them!
We do NOT have a line to get into the show room! Please just relax in our lobby until we call you to be seated!

Dress Code? (Magic For Grown Ups)

We no longer have a STRICT dress code, but HIGHLY recommend dressing for the a nice night out.  As you’ll see, we have an elegant venue! Our goal is to give everyone an elegant, classy experience! However, we DO KNOW that most of our patrons are travelling, so it’s only a suggestion! Just please do your best not to come in clothing you might use to do your gardening in! 

We take LOTS of pictures!

We consider EVERY show a personal get together with our patrons/guests! Please know that we cherish our time with you, and we LOVE to take pictures to preserve our memories. When you buy tickets to our show, you are agreeing to allow us to take a few pics of the lobby, or the audience, or the show that MIGHT include you! We ALSO will ASK if we can take pictures of you, before, after the show or during intermission! If you’d rather not, please let us know!
Again, general pictures MIGHT include you in the audience or the lobby, and you agree to allowing us to use those photos in the future.
Photos taken specifically of you and your party will ALWAYS be by your permission of course!

A few more "serious" rules!

Play nice!

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone. Although we don’t think that will EVER HAPPEN! 
If anyone in your party becomes disruptive to the show or other guests, we’ll ask them, and/or you to leave. If anyone appears intoxicated upon arrival, we may refuse entrance to that guest, and or it’s party.

No Smoking.

Please step outside of the theater if you wish to smoke. 

ABSOLUTELY NO FIREARMS concealed, licensed, or not. NO EXCEPTIONS.

We DO respect your right to bare arms! Please respect our right to have no firearms at our place of business! thanks!

Please do not purchase tickets unless you know you can make it! Due to the limited seating, there are no refund! Please review our terms and conditions for details